10 must-have apps during your vacation

Summer, sun and … phones? There are many apps that can help you during vacation with everything from keeping track of the weather to finding free WiFi. We have listed the must-have apps for this summer.

1 Packing Pro

Are you one of those who is afraid you’ll forget to pack something important for the trip? Packing Pro helps you organize your packing according to different categories. You tell the app how long you’ll be away, where you’re going and the calculated weather. After that you get a list of expected needs on the trip. You can also get reminders of important things you need to do before your trip. For example, get vaccinated or renew your passport.

2 Min Soltid

Of course, it’s lovely to lie and bask in the sun to work on your tan. But awareness of the risks of sunbathing extensively has increased significantly and today a lot of people are much more careful about spending time in the sun. With Min Soltid, an app released by the Radiation Safety Authority in Sweden, you can calculate how long you can be in the sun without burning. The app calculates the UV index for the place you are in and then calculates a sunbathing time according to how sensitive your skin is.

3 WiFi-finder

Do you want to avoid using up all your surf while traveling? With the app WiFI finder, you can fill in your address and find WiFi at nearby cafes, restaurants, airports and such. In the app you will find passwords for the different networks and what is extra nice is that the app works offline.

4 Waze

Are you going on the road this summer? Waze is one of the world’s largest traffic and navigation apps. The app works lets everyone together contribute with traffic and road data by simply having the app running when they are out and about. This way, you’ll see live maps of how the traffic situation looks on the roads so you don’t have to sit in boring traffic jams.

5 Valuta+

It is easy to overestimate a little when you have to convert currency while traveling. So sometimes you think that you’ve made bargain when it in fact wasn’t such a good deal after all. With Valuta + you can quickly and easily convert the price into the right currency. The app has more than 170 different currencies that are constantly up to date.

6 The Fork

Is there anything worse than when you are hungry but have no idea where to eat? TheFork shows you restaurants both in Sweden and around Europe and also offer good discounts and deals at many restaurants. The app shows reviews both made in TheFork app and from Tripadvisor to help you make the right choice.

7 FlightAware

Are you going to travel by plane or are you maybe just picking up loved ones at the nearest airport? Track flights worldwide in real time. Search for, among other things, registration, route, flight number, airport code. Get information on departure and arrival, canceled flights, changes of gates and much more.

8 Glympse

For those who are going to festivals or traveling in large groups, it can be perfect to be able to keep track of your friends. With Glympse you can quickly see where your friends are and share your own location in real time. And don’t worry, you can choose whether you want to hide yourself on the map for the occasions you don’t want to be discovered.

9 Uber

Tired of walking or is the local traffic difficult to understand? Uber is available in over 500 cities worldwide and is an easy way to order transport. You rate your trip so that Uber will know that the driver is doing a good job and for those who want a more luxurious trip there is always UberBLACK.

10 Klart.se/Yr.no

Sun, rain or hail storm? In Sweden you can’t always rely on the summer weather. Therefore, it is good to have a weather app that helps you keep track of what the next few days will offer. There are shared opinions about which app is most accurate when it comes to predicting the weather, but two of the most popular in Sweden are Klart.se and Yr.no.


Bonus: WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a perfect messaging app when you are abroad because the app uses very little data. Perfect when you have been a little lavish with your surf while abroad. Download the app, add your friends and family and then you can call, send messages, have video calls, share photos. The app also works on computers which is very nice.

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