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After every new years eve many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to be stronger, faster, a little slimmer or maybe just live a little more healthy. However, membership in the gym and personal trainers can be very expensive. And now, in times where we learn that keeping a distance is a good thing, it is good to find different way of working out.

Does it sound like a hard task? Don’t worry! Thankfully, our cell phones are helpful even when it comes to training. We have listed 10 awesome workout apps for those who do not want to spend your hard-earned money on training this year. Get strong with just your mobile phone and your body as tools.

Försvarsmaktens träningsklubb

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

You may think that if there is someone who knows how to get fit, it is the army. And that seems right. The Swedish army have released a workout app that is just as good for those of you who are training specifically for an admission to basic military training as for those who just want to get started with your training. You don’t need any expensive gear or a fancy gym. All you need is the will to exercise and a mobile phone. You only use your body as a tool and therefore you do not have to buy a lot of expensive equipment. In the app there is a bank with more than 450 exercises so you do not tire of the arrangement. In addition, a new workout is released every day, for those who want to be sure that you get to try something new. The app is, of course, free!

Download FMTK for iOS
Download FMTK for Android


Nike Training Club

Price: Free – purchase in the app
Platform: Android, iOS

The Nike Training Club workout app offers over 185 workouts, completely free of charge. You can choose from lots of different programs such as endurance, strength or why not try some yoga? Personal training plans can be created according to your schedule to help you get structure in the workout.

If you don’t really have time for training and want to get your workout done quickly, there are plenty of short workouts where you only need your body weight as a tool. There are workouts between 15-45 minutes and you can choose what intensity you want and if you only want to use your body weight, light equipment or full equipment. You can choose between yoga, boxing, strength, endurance or mobility. Something for everyone.

Download Nike Training Club for iOS
Download Nike Training Club for Android



Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

FitOn gives you a Netflix feel with training videos from famous trainers. You will find workouts led by coaches such as Jeanette Jenkins, Christine Bullock, Katie Dunlop, Kenta Seki and many more. This way, your phone or reading tablet becomes your own personal gym.

Lose weight, build muscle or maybe just reduce stress. And the supply of workouts is large. Choose between strength, fitness, HIIT, yoga, dance, Pilates or Barre. For those who are short of time, there are only 10 minutes to get the heart rate up. Best of all – it’s completely free!

Download FitOn for iOS
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Price: Free – purchase in the app
Platform: Android, iOS

Aaptiv is a workout app that specializes in sound. Their philosophy is that if you are out and running you do not need a video that tells you to run faster. With audio-only training sessions, they offer you training led by certified personal trainers. And with peppy music, from well-known artists, you find the right rhythm in your workout.

There are over 2500 workouts to choose from, ranging from 7 minutes to an entire workout. Running, rowing, cycling, strength training or stretching, there is something for everyone. Don’t have Wi-Fi access? No problem, download the classes you like and listen to them offline.

Download Aaptiv for iOS
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Price: Free – purchase in the app
Platform: Android, iOS

The training app Keelo is an app for those who like HIIT workouts. You get short, intense workouts and this app is for you who are training to get a stronger life in general. The app works just as well for those who want to work out at the gym or at home and there are both workouts that require a little gear and those that only use your body weight. The great thing about Keelo is that the app tells you what to do. Get rid of the hassle of sitting and scrolling through hundreds of workouts without being able to decide which workout you should do. The app keeps track of what workouts you have done to give you new workouts and thus ensure that your entire body is trained equally.

Download Keelo for iOS
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Seven – 7 minute workout

Price: Free – purchase in the app
Platform: Android, iOS

We are many people who are in short supply of time and then usually we let our workouts suffer. But 7 minutes should everyone be able to find during their day to take care of their body. The workout is based on scientific studies to give you maximum training in the shortest possible time.

You don’t need any equipment so you can workout anytime, anywhere. Do you want to lose weight, get better fitness or get stronger? Fill in your goals and the app will help you with the rest.

Download Seven for iOS
Download Seven for Android



Price: Free – purchase in the app
Platform: Android, iOS

NeoU is like a streaming service for fitness. You can get live, on-demand, workouts from top studios. Filter on what you want to focus on, how long you want to train and level of difficulty so you can find classes that are right for you. There are everything from workouts that are only 5 minutes long to 90 minutes long. Choose from workouts where you need dumbells, elastic workouts bands, treadmills or workouts where you use your body solely as resistance.

Download NeoU for iOS
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Price: Free – purchase in the app
Platform: Android, iOS

The great thing about Freeletics is that you only use your body as a training tool. So you don’t have to buy a lot of expensive weights, rubber bands, jump ropes or such. Work out whenever you want, wherever you want, with the app as your personal trainer.

The app contains hundreds of different HIIT workouts where you get both audio and video showing how you should do the workouts, step by step. 360-degree workout to help you make your home into a gym. If you choose to buy for the premium service, you will receive more training plans, training goals and an analysis of how you are performing.

Download Freeletics for iOS
Download Freeletics for Android


Yoga Studio

Price: Free – purchase in the app
Platform: Android, iOS

Do you want to get started and try out yoga, do you want to practice yoga a little more often than you did before or are you a bit of a yoga expert? No matter what level you are at, this app has routines for you and your needs. In the app there are more are 150 video classes that span 5-60 minutes. The app also has guided meditation and a library of 280 yoga positions with detailed instructions on how to do them right. Namaste!

Download Yoga Studio for iOS
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Nike Run Club

Price: Free
Platform: Android, iOS

Do you like to run, have you made a New Year’s resolution that you will be able to run a certain distance or have you perhaps registered for a race? Then the Nike Run Club is for you! In the app you can get training programs tailored to your goals. They also set up weekly or monthly distance challenges. You can save your workouts with lots of different data, such as pace, height, distance, heart rate, time, etc. Add your friends and you can motivate each other through the app. Run Forrest, run!

Download Nike Run Club for iOS
Download Nike Run Club for Android

Want to read more about apps that can help you get fit? Then you can read our blog about apps that help you with your running.

Latest update October 2020

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