4 mistakes you make with your phone

Technology should just work. That’s how it is! And we, who specialize in telephony for companies, are especially keen that our customers’ phones should work properly. But sometimes we as users are a contributing reason to things going wrong. We have listed 4 common mistakes we make with our phones.

1 Leaves all apps running

Apps should actually go into sleep mode when you are not using them. Had this worked flawlessly you would not have had to shut down your apps but unfortunately this does not always work properly. Apps can crash when they are in the background and they may not go into hibernation but instead stay at 100% CPU, which can make your phone dull and drain your battery.

Even if far from all the apps are messing up, it can happen every now and then. That’s why it’s good to shut down apps when you’re not using them.

2 Leaves the phone dirty

We carry our phones with us everywhere, so it’s no wonder they get dirty. Many people think of wiping the screen from time to time but fewer think of all the voids that are in the phone.

It is not uncommon for the phone to loose contact when charging or when you are plugging in the headphones. Often this is because fuzz and dirt have gotten in there. Then forcing the cord in is definitely not a good idea as it can damage the phone. But it is not super difficult to clean.

If you are really hard core in your ambition to get a cleaner phone you can buy antistatic mobile brushes. For those who do not want to spend as much time and energy, a toothbrush is enough to clean. However, avoid using metal or things like toothpicks that can chip away and make things worse instead.

So be sure to clean the port for charging, headphones and speakers every now and then to avoid unnecessary problems.

3 Have too many app activities on in the background 

When you have app activity running in the background, you let apps update their content when Wi-Fi or mobile networks are available. Allowing the apps to update their content automatically draws a lot of battery and data. For some apps, this is something you want to have activated, for example when you want a direct update when something happens. But many people sit with a variety of apps that are rarely used that is still allowed free play to update themselves all the time.

Therefore, it may be good to turn off automatic updating on the apps you do not use as much.

You can choose whether you want apps to only update in the background when there is data/wi-fi, only when having wi-fi or not at all. We recommend having this feature turned on but only when the phone has wi-fi. This way, the apps will not affect your mobile bill. Then we recommend only updating apps that are important to you, in the background.

4 Does not delete unused apps

With lager and larger memories in our phones and faster wi-fi, we are becoming more and more bountiful to download apps that we later never use. A full memory affects the phone’s battery life and performance. So take the time to look through so there are not loads of old apps that just collects dust and drains the life out of your phone.


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