5 best Teams integrations to try in 2021

With over 75 million users worldwide since its launch in 2016, it goes without saying that Teams is extremely popular and especially within companies. When included in daily workflows, it can be incredibly useful for companies that want to streamline their operations. Although Teams already offers a wide range of benefits in itself, it also offers many integrations that help companies meet more specific needs. In this post, we go through the best new integrations you should test out in 2021.

applikationer och integrationer med teams

1. Zapier

Zapier is an application that helps move and share information between applications and services automatically. By linking the applications in use at a company, Zapier is able to send and share information in between and automate repetitive tasks. This helps companies that want to stay on track with and automate information flow but have colleagues working in different applications.

2. GitHub

GitHub is a new-comer in the Teams repertoire of integrations and it’s actually the world leading system development platform. It helps developers actively collaborate to solve issues and design technique together without having to swap between apps. You can show all your GitHub projects directly in your Teams channels and generate ideas, triage meetings, search and solve errands, and get access to or subscribe to the latest updates.

3. Jira

Jira is a popular project management tool that includes software development, content management, bug reporting and much more. It’s an incredibly useful tool for teams that want to streamline planning, overview and  updates in their programs. By integrating Jira with Teams, you can also stay on track with development, projects, workload and performance – all in real time and from the Teams interface.

4. Disco

Streamlining is of course important, but it’s just as important to rally your team. With Disco you can celebrate work and core values. With a WFH model, it’s important to make sure the company culture is not at loss. With Disco, you reignite that spark by recognizing peers for their efforts and make public shout outs in real time. This helps businesses build strong team cultures in line with company values no matter where the teammates are.

5. Soapbox

Soapbox is a tool for teams that together want to streamline meetings. With the app, your team can collaborate on meeting agendas and prepare for as effective of meetings as possible. It allows you to organize meetings, collaborate on daily agendas, assign tasks, and collect feedback – all in the same place. It also makes discussion topic suggestions to avoid repetetive meetings. Lastly, it also makes it easier to follow up on meetings as the agenda points that weren’t marked as resolved from the last meeting will automatically be moved to the next.

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