7 places where your company number should be

A new business requires a fancy new phone number, but maybe you’re unsure of where it should be placed. There are still a lot of customers that prefer to contact a company by phone, so it’s important that it’s easy to find and placed in relevant locations. Also, if you want to grow your business it’s great to make your phone number as visible as possible. We have written 7 places where your business number should be found to increase your visibility.

1. Your website

Having your contact info is always one of the first steps to promote your business and making sure that your customers can get in touch with you. If you have an e-commerce store, it’s essential to have your contact information there, especially your phone number. There are also options to include “click to call” on your website now. Even if you have chat and social media set up, it’s always good to have a “click to call” button to convert visitors into customers.

We offer a similar service called Web Callback that helps existing and new customers get in touch with your company in a convenient way without having to wait in phone queues. Instead they can get a callback through a simple form on the website. And the customer is also able to choose when they would like to be called back.

2. Your e-mail signature

Your e-mail signature is yet another great way to push your phone number out there. It’s very relevant in today’s mobile popularity. If you for example send out an e-mail to your clientele, be sure to include your phone number so users checking on their mobile devices can easily tap on the screen to reach you immediately.

3. Your business social media

Whether it be a Facebook business page or Instagram, it’s just as important to include your number as on the website. With both above being some of the most popular social media outlets today, they’re also great places to have your contact info. The more people that visit your social media, the more that visit your website which includes your contact information.

4. Review websites

The visibility of your phone number will only translate into visibility for you. Phone number directories can help you boost your visibility and in turn make sales. Think of it as a passive way to get more attention. You only have to place it there once, and whoever stumbles upon it, will know how to reach you. Today’s digital consumers are either partially or completely influenced by the popular review websites, such as Yelp and Google Business. In fact, more than you think call from these online review sites and also tend to be highly motivated buyers if influenced by a positive review. Adding your phone number and also address is therefore essential to get the word out, especially with an audience that is actively looking for businesses like yours.

5. Digital marketing and promotional material

Digital marketing is similar to the printed type and comes in all shapes and forms; such as ads, brochures, pamphlets – only that they’re available online. These are great places for your company number. Not only will it help send your information out to potential customers, but it will also in combination with the material be a great way to generate interest that in turn will influence customers to call you.

This also goes to say for traditional advertisement, such as magazines, newspapers, etc. Don’t limit your contact information to one venue. Be sure to always include your website URL and a phone number – whether it be printed or digital.

6. Employee resources

Everyone loves a new flashy business card, and these are also great inexpensive outlets to make sure your phone number is out there. Resources such as business cards, merchandise, stickers, etc. – are great canvases for your company number. In addition, if you’re an expert networker, be sure to always bring those cards with you and hand them out as frequently as you can!

7. Current customers

If you’re unsure if you’ve promoted your contact information enough to your current customers, you can always send out an email blast with an announcement about your new phone number or contact information. This is also useful if customers want to share this information with others if they’re happy with your business. A new business number is more than just an updated listing, it should be seen as a new opportunity to get your name out there and generate interest from new customers. Start sharing your business number today!

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