Apple releases its first mobile with support for 5G – iPhone 12

There has been a lot of talk about 5G in the last year. While Samsung, OnePlus, LG and Motorola have had their 5G mobiles out for a while, Apple has lagged behind. Many have been waiting with excitement for Apple to release a mobile with support for 5G, and soon the day is here for the launch of the iPhone 12.

Launched on October 13th

For months, there has been whispers in the halls about Apple’s first 5G phone. Rumors have flourished and some information has been leaked. But now Apple is in the starting blocks for a new launch. On October 13, the event will be held where the iPhone 12 will be shown to the world for the first time.

”Hi, Speed”

The invitation that was sent out said “Hi, Speed”, something that many assume refers to the new speed that 5G brings. But it can also refer to Apple’s new A14 Bionic processor, which also has a reputation for having high speeds.

The event is held virtually virtually due to the ongoing pandemic and will be streamed on For those who feel that they must have an iPhone 12, the mobile phones will then be able to be pre-ordered on October 16th.

iphone 12

iPhone 12

According to statements, the new mobile will be released in 4 different models. The smallest, the iPhone 12 Mini, will be 5.4 inches. The largest model, iPhone 12 Pro Max, will be 6.7 inches. The standard iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be 6.1 inches.

All of these models are said to deliver a faster processor, the A14 Bionic, as well as OLED screens. The old LCD screens now seems to be out of date. But what may have been the biggest subject is that the iPhone 12 comes with support for 5G. (Cheers and applause). And many iPhone enthusiasts think it’s about time for Apple to release a mobile that supports the new, fast, mobile network.


Since the event has not taken place yet, it is difficult to know what will be new with the iPhone model. But a rumor that abounds is that the phone will not come with a charger. According to statements, this is something that Apple does to save on nature, as people already have chargers at home from their older phones. If this is true or not, I can not vouch for, but do not be surprised if you need to add an extra buck or two, to get a charger for your new iPhone.

It has also been speculated that Apple will launch AirPods Studio and HomePod mini during the event.

Now we are waiting with great excitement for the event. 5G + Apple = true.

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