Apps in Slack that make work a little more fun and social

We know you’re all about business, but why not bring a little hint of fun to your daily work? If you’re currently using Slack, look no further! We’ve listed some apps that can make your workday a little more fun and social.


Given that your colleagues have the same witty humor as you, try out the app Giphy! Your team can add GIFs from the worlds largest library on the web. It’s pretty straight forward, and just adds a little oomph to your daily conversations.

Use the integration by adding the /giphy slash command for you team. For example: typing “/giphy laugh” will display a GIFs of someone laughing in your channel.


Polly is one of the more  intricate apps as it aims to bridge the gap a little more while everyone or a few are still working from home. One of the most fun features here includes social games that truly lets you bridge the interactive gap and bring your team together while away.

You can also;

  • Create polls
  • Engagement surveys and analytics
  • Standsups for quick and easy check-ins with teams
  • Automated onboarding feedback with new employees
  • Social games


I think we all can attest to that connecting with your colleagues is more important than ever. While sitting at home, work can seem a lot more tedious when you don’t have your regular morning coffee or lunch break to hang out with your colleagues. Donut is the app to help you connect with your closest colleagues, but also with colleagues you don’t talk to on a daily basis.

It helps remote employees by facilitating virtual coffee meetups, lunches, cross-department meetups and introductions. It also includes team building activities such as fun coffee lotteries and lunch roulettes. In addition, it also includes peer mentoship programs and if you have new employees, you can also add an introduction message and break the ice with conversation starts.


There’s nothing more awkward than having a fit at a colleague unbewknosts that it’s their birthday. But don’t worry, the answer lies BirthdayBot that helps you keep track of your colleagues birthdays among other.

You can also;

  • Keep track of workplace anniversaries
  • Send presents or gift cards on birthdays
  • Create wish lists so that you for sure know you’re getting that sweet new headset
  • Set reminders


When game of thrones was still the talk of the town, there was nothing more frustrating than everyone watching different seasons and spoiling all the fun for everyone else at lunch. The app Spoiler helps you avoid ruining your Friday evening  by being able to post a spoiler alert message in a channel. A team member can only see it if that team member clicks to reveal it.

Dog facts

Most of my colleagues by now know that I’m a dog person. And if you didn’t know, have you heard about my dog Iba? Anyway, I was obviously exctatic when I found out that theres an app called Dogfacts. Add this application to your team’s slack and use available slash command to retrieve a fun fact about dogs. There’s also a Cat Fact application for all the cat lovers out there.

But use apps like these very sparingly, not everyone wants to know a dog fact when you’re discussing important business just because you’re thinking about your cute pup.

Count it

All of us that work in front of a computer most of the time know how important it is to move those legs every once in a while. The app CountItBot can be added to Slack to create a healthy culture at work. You can create wellness programs and create fun challenges with your teammates. You can also set personal goals, group goals, use push rewards for those who excel and cheer on your team!


Did you know that you can search and add Wikipedia results directly into Slack? Dig into millions of articles and what happened today in Wiki and share it with your team. However, most us know that you can rely on wiki for 100% true facts. Even my history teacher used to say that if we quote Wikipedia in our essays, he’ll turn us to salt.


If your office uses Spotify, you can add JukeBot to turn your Spotify account into a collaborative jukebox. It allows you to manage your soundtrack directly from slack by using a series of slash commands. Hopefully you all like similar music, because if not, you’re probably going to end up annoying a few colleagues by playing “Never Gonna Give you Up” by Rick Astley over and over.

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