Sweden investing in broadband expansion

Whether you’re browsing internet on your phone, holding an online event, or simply sending an email – there is nothing more frustrating than an unstable internet connection. With that said, in an increasingly digitalized and globalized world, a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial for both individuals and businesses. In fact, both rely on broadband for most of their daily activities ranging from email and web browsing – to VoIP phone systems and relevant platforms. In this post we intend to highlight Sweden’s initiative to invest in broadband expansion to reach a connected Sweden in 2025.

bredbandsutbyggnad i Sverige

Broadband expansion in Sweden

Today, Sweden is a leading IT-nation with a strong position in IT use and access to broadband with roughly 9 out of 10 Swedes having access to internet at home. IT has a core position in Sweden’s economy and the use contributes to the total productivity growth in the country and improves as well as simplifies everyday life of all citizens, companies, organizations and public sectors. Sweden is facing several societal challenges as we become a globalized world and IT will inevitably play a big role. I order to support innovation and create a healthy investment climate to retain a competitive role in a globalized market, access to broadband in the entire country is a prerequisite. Most of us today have access to high-speed broadband, but there are vast differences around the country. There are still areas that completely lack access to broadband and other areas that has access to broadband but with limited speed.

The government in Sweden believes that access to broadband is a necessity. The government therefore consistently invests in the broadband expansion but will now further invest in support programs for broadband expansion in all of Sweden. This is aimed to take a national grip on financing further development of the digital infrastructure to benefit the entire country and not just highly populated areas. In 2020, we saw action with the government suggesting to set off 1,4 billion kronor in 2021, 500 million kr in 2022, and thereafter 100 million kronor yearly during 2023-2025 on the expansion of broadband in the entire country.

The numbers go on, but the important takeaway here is that the governments’ vision is to have Sweden entirely connected by 2025 because it’s a prerequisite to live, operate and drive expansion and innovation in the highly technologically advanced country. In 2020, the goal was that 95 % of all households and businesses should have access to at least 100 Mbit/s. In the long term the government has established two main goals: Access to fast broadband in all of Sweden and access to stable mobile services of good quality. The goal is further detailed in that 98% of households and businesses should have access to at least 1 Gbit/s. The remaining 1,9 percent should have access to at least 100 Mbit/s and 0,1 percent should have access to at least 30 Mbit/s by year 2025. The goal also means that everyone should have access to stable mobile services of good quality where they normally reside by year 2023. The current goals were set in 2020 and are intended to reflect and correspond with EU’s strategic connectivity goals.

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