Our OPEN MIND:ER Emma Kallin

Name: Emma Kallin
Nickname: I don’t think I have one, most just call me Emma.
Department: End Customer Support
Role: Support technician

4 quick questions

  1. Teams or Slack? Slack 😀
  2. Cookies or candy? Cookies with candy in heheh, like chocolate chip.
  3. Latte or espresso? Latte, but the support boys think it has way too little coffee, so if you can call my latte a latte is up for discussion, at least it tastes good.
  4. Nintendo or Blizzard? Nintendo, I have a thing for Zelda and Smash.

The role and Soluno

  1. What do you do in your role? I drink way too much coffee, but mostly what it takes to make the customers our biggest fans. Sometimes it requires some troubleshooting and sometimes you just have to laugh a little at their jokes. We have really friendly customers, and often really funny ones too. I’ve had a lot of calls where I laugh til I cry, it’s a luxury to have a job where you can laugh so much. 
  2. Why did you start working at Soluno? Just before I started at Soluno I worked in photography and it was a lot of fun but it wasn’t the right fit for me, the camera will never be completely shelved but it’s happier as a hobby than a career. I missed customer care and problem solving, and I experience an “all you can eat buffet” here every day, which I’m really happy about.
  3. How is it being a Soluno newcomer? It was a little scary at first with Corona and immediately starting work from home, so it was a little “sink or swim” feeling but it went well, mostly thanks to the support team.  “My knowledge is everyones” really permeates support and no matter how weird the question may be, or how trivial the things I need help with are, you never feel dumb or annoying when asking for help. The team is right there with their arms open, ready to help at all times, and that has made it a joy being new at Soluno. 
  4. How was your first day at Soluno? It was awesome! Everything was pretty much done when I arrived, all log-ins were made, and there were even flowers and a really nice welcome card that I now have hanging up on the wall! It was really hit the ground running which felt really good, it smoothly went on, and it was the most productive first day I’ve ever had!
  5. What do you look forward to this fall? This fall is going to be pretty eventful. Awesome new features in Wallboard, MySoluno and soon we have VoLTE set. It will be awesome to tell customers that it’s up and running. It’s also great that all the alarm calls to for example 112 will go directly over the mobile network now, which proves that Soluno is driving the future, it’s awesome to be a part of that journey! I also look forward to wearing fuzzy socks and all the season starts for different shows I’ve been waiting for. I’m swapping out the disposable grill for Netflix, it’s going to be awesome. 
  6. What motivates you at work? I live for the thrill! My plan for the day is to always get better at something than the previous day, and then use that improvement in customer contact. It’s like a domino effect, improved knowledge that leads me to more satisfied customers which means more biggest fans and higher MRR.  I’m probably not the only one in support with that mentality, the impression of competence level in support is increasing among customers, and that is a thrill if anything! 
  7. Favourite colleague? It varies week to week, it depends on who eats the most cookies! (ha ha), jokes aside, I can’t really say I have a favourite, all my colleagues are exceptional individuals in all ways, and I’m really lucky to be a part of such a good crew, both in support and Soluno as a whole.

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