Our OPEN MIND:ER Klara Persson

Klara Persson is the latest addition to our awesome support team. As a true adventurer and traveller, she fits incredibly well in Soluno where “every day is a new adventure”. She has extensive experience in customer service and in her role as Support Technician in Soluno, she offers the best possible service to help solve customers questions. Read more about who Klara is, if she prefers Teams or Slack, and what it’s like to be new at Soluno.

Name: Klara Persson
Nickname: “Klara (Ready in Swedish), steady, go – is something i hear pretty often – it’s basically a given. But apart from that, I don’t really have a nickname at the office, and the only one that calls me Klara in private is my mom.
Avdelning: Customer Support
Roll: Support technician

4 quick questions

  1. Iphone or Android? Iphone.
  2. Sunny vacation or adventure ?  You have to be able to do both when you’re pretty much from the darkest country, so – ride on the beach? Tan and plan activities.
  3. Teams or slack? Slack.
  4. Smoothie or milkshake? Smoothie.

The role and Soluno

  1. What do you do in your role? Try to offer the best service possible and help solve anything the customer requests. 
  2. What does your workday look like? No day has been quite the same, especially so early on it’s been a lot of education, run throughs with different departments, and just getting into all the systems, solving tickets and answering calls directly from customers – so never a dull moment! 
  3. Why did you start working at Soluno? I thought it seemed like a really fun company where a lot is happening. This proved to be true and we only keep growing! I also really liked the very tolerant and open culture that comes with a challenger company. 
  4. What did your first day look like? Since Corona was running amok, I hadn’t seen the office before I started, so the person that happened to be by the entrance had to walk with me to the support department. There beautiful flowers were waiting, my colleagues treated me to lunch and the computer was set up with my screens etc, so it got started pretty fast.
  5. What is the best with work so far? That it’s almost always something new, I learn new things all the time, and it’s fun with a lot going on. 
  6. Which challenges have you experienced so far? Which is also the biggest challenge of course, every time I take a call from customers, they ask for something different than the last. 
  7. What do you look forward to this spring? Honestly – lighter and warmer days. If I get to wish for anything I’d like, I’d love to dance at Trädgården as well haha. But of course also to become better in my role so that I perform better and contribute a lot to support and our customers. 
  8. What motivates you at work? Learning as much as possible in order to offer great service. I’ve pretty much always worked in service since it’s I enjoy communicating with people. 
  9. Favourite colleague? Please, I can’t just choose oneee! Everyone in support have played victim to my 1000 questions a day and no one has ever not wanted to help out. They ask questions back when needed so that I can learn and there’s never a sad face! I accidentally ended a couple numbers just yesterday and NO PROBLEM – we solve it together. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet everyone in the other departments yet but those that have been in office have always been helpful if there’s anything I have questions about. I like talking to anyone, regardless of whom it may be. 

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