Ongoing enhancements to Miteam and Mobile VoIP

“Soluno BC presents further enhancements to the two services”

Soluno BC launches two major enhancements to its smart services, Miteam and Mobile VoIP in the Mitel 4.6 SP1 platform. In Miteam, it is now simpler to switch between communication modes and easier to search using the new filtering feature. The mobile app has also been upgraded with built-in support for Mobile VoIP (Voice over IP).

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Miteam has been given a thorough makeover. Both the chat tab and the Miteam tab have been put in the Miteam service, making it much easier to switch between communication modes,

from a chat to a call, from a chat to a conference or to switch over to web sharing. Having them together in the same place facilitates all communication, of course.

Soluno BC has also added filtering options to the Miteam service. This enables users to easily find unread messages, favourite chats, interesting streams and so on.

Document sharing, screen sharing and video conferencing are standard features in Miteam.

The mobile app has been enhanced with built-in support for Mobile VoIP. This means that Soluno’s customers can make calls over the Internet, which facilitates communications, especially if WiFi is available.   

It is also an advantage to use Mobile VoIP instead of installing DECT systems in areas where mobile coverage is poor. These are just two of many product improvements that Soluno BC has made to Miteam and Mobile VoIP.

Soluno BC can also present another three new features in its service range:

• Mitel’s desktop and DECT phones can be further integrated with the PBX. This allows users to control their referrals and transfer calls to the phone. There is also a new speed button to access voicemail.

• Large companies with centralised software installations are now able to access Microsoft Windows Installer packages, which makes it easier for the IT administrators to install software and gives them greater control in managing different versions of the software, etc.

• Enhancements to the group log feature allow statistics to be managed more simply for response groups and queues, and make it possible to assign a missed call to an agent. The users can also add a note to a call, and clearly and easily see the number of calls received, answered, missed or forwarded.    

For more details, please contact:
Joachim Brandt, CCO, 031-352 40 45,
Soluno Business Communications AB

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