3 ways you can improve your business by optimizing your telephony system

From time to time we come across companies, usually of the larger kind, which have an ancient office telephony system. When we propose a cloud-based solution, we get the answer “Why should we replace something that still works?”.

And yes, old fixed telephone exchanges are known to have good durability, they do not break so easily. But what they have in durability they lack in efficiency, ease of use and scalability. There is much to be gained from daring to throw out the old systems and invest in new modern solutions. We have listed 3 things you can improve on your business by updating to a cloud-based telephony system.

1 Get a scalable system

It is not only companies that are in a very expansive phase that can benefit from acquiring a scalable system. Even smaller companies need to be able to add or remove users quickly and easily.

If you buy hardware for a fixed office phone system, there will be room for a limited number of users in that particular hardware. The day you become a person more than what fits in the exchange, new hardware must be purchased and installed. Something that can be quite costly and time consuming. A cloud-based exchange, on the other hand, is scalable to near infinity. Adding or removing users is very easy.

2 Increased user-friendliness

Lifting a handset or clicking a button may not be that difficult in itself. Unfortunately, there is a lot of functionality you miss out on, if you only work with fixed landline phones. With a fixed phone, you can answer, hang up, connect calls, and perhaps initiate multi-party calls. But it does not get much sexier than that.

The possibilities for a cloud-based telephony system, on the other hand, are gigantic. Integrate your corporate exchange with your CRM system and raise the customer service level in no time. Connect your telephony with a contact center and gather all customers’ contacts into the same interface. Integrate your telephony system with collaboration tools, such as MS Teams or Slack, and improve the efficiency of collaborations internally.

3 Get mobility from your employees

In addition to everything you can integrate with your cloud-based telephony system, you also give your staff a completely new mobility. When your colleagues have a cloud solution, they can reach the entire exchange via the mobile phone. They can also install a softphone, which turns the computer into a phone. With this mobility, your staff can do their job wherever they are, from home, the café when they are on the go between meetings.

By being able to offer your staff a solution with mobility, you ensure that your company secures the future in order to attract new generations of labor, while at the same time streamlining and simplifying the staff’s working day.

These were just three benefits of switching to a cloud-based solution. It is possible to list many more. So if you are sitting in an old telephony solution, think about what the benefits might be for you of switching to a cloud-based solution.

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