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John Säfvenberg works as a Technician in our awesome Partner Support. While having previously worked in our end customer support team, he took the next step to Partner last year. His work today consists of answering incoming questions from partners by troubleshooting and locating technical issues. He is driven by being a problem solver always, and is always as ecstatic when being able to help partners answer their concerns. Similarly to the rest of our support team, John is an avid Slack, gaming, and exercise enthusiast. However, unlike the support he much prefers a cup of coffee in the morning.

Name: John Säfvenberg
Partner Support

4 quick questions

  1. Teams eller Slack? Slack, but most important is that everyone is using the same.
  2. Redbull or Monster? Used to be monster, but today calls for redbull.
  3. Lunch out or lunchbox? Lunchbox.
  4. Workout before or after work? Preferably before but mostly after.

The role and Soluno

  1. What do you do in you role? As a Technician at Partner Support, I answer questions of various kinds daily from our partners, but what I focus on most is troubleshooting and locating the problems that arise in the PBX and all corners of the carrier network.
  2. What does a typical workday look like? I start by collecting information about errors from our customers, then I take it upon myself to recreate the errors and / or locate the causes. When the errors are finally located, I pursue the matter against the party the error occurs with (carriers / developers / product owners / operations, etc.) until the error has been rectified.
  3. Why did you start working at Soluno? Adam, who I knew from before, heard about a support job at UNO Telefoni. Back then I did not even know what IVR or ACD was, but I took the job because I wanted to try something new and I have not regretted it.
  4. What challenges have you experienced in your role? Streamline the creation of cases from our partners so they can get better and faster help, it is an ongoing project but we should see something new after the summer.
  5. What is the best think about work? When an error that you spent weeks troubleshooting is finally solved or when after hours of testing you find the cause of an error. Always makes me really happy.
  6. How does the work differ between end customer support and partner support? Easiest is to see it as a 1st-line and a 2nd-line. The support has direct contact with the customer, they help with installing softphones, fixing headsets, solving common errors, answering questions and lots more. Partner support does not have contact with the customer, but we talk to our partners’ technicians or support. Our partners have their own 1st-line and have therefore already helped the customer install, configure and troubleshoot. They contact us when they can not solve the error themselves. Sometimes it is settings that are wrong, but there are also some bugs and serious errors that need to be fixed. We also have an advisory role to our partners to help them use the switchboard as efficiently as possible.
  7. What is it like to work in support during summer? It’s calmer than the rest of the year, it’s not as calm now as when I started in 2017 but it’s a great opportunity to gather and start preparing for the rest of the year.
  8. What is the craziest thing you’ve experienced at work? Have you met Petter?
  9. What do you look forward to this fall? Stews and red wine. 
  10. Who’s your favourite colleague? I have a long list of favourites but Niklas Högberg deserves the top spot. 

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