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Måns joined Soluno as an essential key to help us launch the extensive project of MyAcademy. For MyAcademy, he is a manager of the platform and is part of all integral steps from planning, to development to launch and continued management of material. He is also the key to onboarding users and interested parties. Always eager to collaborate, Måns makes sure that internally as well as externally, everyone is part of the journey and that our mutual goals are met. Måns is also like myself, a fellow foodie, with a taste for elaborate tasting menus and top rated restaurants. He is also a film critic in his free time and thus looks forward to a fall filled with cinema visits.

Name: Måns Lindman
Nickname: Mårre, Katten
Department: Marketing
Role: Business Area Manager / Executive Producer

4 quick questions

Moustache or beard? Moustache in November, otherwise beard
Tie or bow tie? Bow tie when coupled with tuxedo,  but tie in general
Slack or Teams? Teams
Lunch box or lunch out? Lunch out

The role and Soluno

What do you do in your role? As manager of our e-learning platform, it’s juggling several things at the same time and always being where things take place, in the midst of it all. To continuously drive development forward, and make sure that we take new steps in our process. It’s a comprehensive and extensive task, that entails thorough planning, development and management of material. Therefore, it’s always important to closely collaborate with our internal departments but also our partners, both resellers and wholesale, in order to be able to provide relevant material for all three areas.

What does a typical work day look like? No two days are alike. Some days can revolve around onboarding of partners. Other days are spent collecting, creating and ensuring that we have the right material for a specific course. Sometimes the focus is project management of a completely new process. At this moment I am in involved in such a project, where we create an entire framework of how we will work with certain certifications hereon.

Why did you start working at Soluno? After a long career within sales, both nationally and internationally, I was presented with the opportunity by Mattias Ohde, that I have collaborated with previously. I thought it sounded like a fantastic opportunity and a chance to try something new and exciting. A way for me to evolve, both as a person and a professional. 

What challenges have you encountered in your work? To embark with little to no experience in the field, while developing the platform, and also understanding our concept, organisation, internal processes and our terminology – has been and still is a bit of a challenge. 

What motivates you most at work? Making a difference and being an essential cog in the machinery. To see how my work and my vision actually contributes to improvement, both internally and with our partners. 

What is it like to work with entirely new concepts such as MyAcademy? Needless to say, new concepts are always a challenge. It usually means building something from scratch. Breaking old habits, streamlining and improving. However, it has been rewarding to launch MyAcademy at Soluno because there is an ambition to always participate and understand the process. We have a mutual goal with MyAcademy that we work towards, together. 

What lessons have you learnt from launching MyAcademy? You can of course never predict the results from a launch of this scale, but something that has been crucial in our early success has been that we never tried to do everything at the same time and instead focused on sub-goals, where we began by working with an early access program with some selected courses, along with an open communication with targeted recipients before launching the full version for our partners. The fact that we also have onboarded each reseller and wholesale partner individually, with a real introduction over video link has also contributed to immediate results. 

How is to work with MyAcademy toward different user groups? It’s probably the biggest challenge. Different receivers means different requirement specs needs and nonetheless different packaging. Clear communication and close collaboration is therefore central in the work process. 

What is the craziest thing you have experienced at Soluno? Mattias Ohde once told me he brought a lunch box to work. I still don’t know if it’s true though.

What do you look forward to this fall? As a film critic in my free time, I’m of course ecstatic about the fact that cinemas have finally opened up and as a foodie, I look forward to enjoying tasting menus in other countries again. Denmark is currently world leader in fine dining with both number one and two in Copenhagen so why not start there. Or anything would do actually, after two years in exclusion. 

Who is your favourite colleague? There are so many great and competent people at Soluno that it’s almost shameful picking just one. But if I have to pick just one, it’s got to be Daniel Ljungdell. He’s close to essential to my work and a creative sounding board who always discuss solutions rather than problems. Also, a great guy and revered enjoyer of life. 


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