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Pierre works as a Commercial Account Manager in our Wholesale team. Having previously worked with Partner, he recently moved to the Wholesale team to help support our Swedish Wholesale partners. In his role he consistently works to make sure that our Wholesale partners have everything they need to run operations smoothly, whether it be general information, or more complex things as onboarding or creating campaigns. He is also an avid basketball and golf enthusiast which is well reflected in being a team player always. Thus, he is motivated by learning new things and building relationships, whether it be internally, Wholesale partners, Resellers or end customers.

Name: Pierre Weintraub
Nickname: Winan
Department: Wholesale Sweden
Role: Commercial Account Manager

4 quick questions

  1. Kobe or Michael Jordan? Oh, it’s supposed to be quick…. MJ is the best. Without MJ there’s no Kobe (without Kobe – no Lebron). I did however grow up with Kobe and tears fell when he left us last year.
  2. Slack or Teams? Teams
  3. Sand pit or ruff? Can’t play sand pit – so ruff it is!
  4. Staying in or going out? Staying in

The role and Soluno

What do you do in your role? I make sure that our Wholesale partners have what they need to run their business. It may be anything from information of new features, education in our system, onboarding, to counting specific deals and customizing campaigns. I am a spider in the web that has contact with many departments and efforts, and if I can’t answer a question directly, I make sure that the person with the answers is connected. 

What does a typical workday look like? I usually start with going through the inbox to make sure most is out of the way there, if there are any questions I need to bring up with my colleagues I book meetings or take it directly if time allows. Then I usually take calls with my WS partners sales managers to hear how things are going. During the fall I will focus more on visiting partners physically and in turn also their resellers, now that restrictions are being relieved in several regions. 

Why did you start working at Soluno? After many years as technical sales associate in the security field, Daniel Ljungdell recommended Solus as a good company. I came into the office in Gårda without any experience in Telecom, my onboarding was handled directly by Mattias Ohde. Five years and a couple of department changes, I’m still thriving! 

What challenges have you experienced in your role?  In my current role it’s a constant challenge to find new ways to motivate and support partners. Simultaneously it’s more important than ever to keep track of the technical aspects of our services. 

What is the best thing about work? The freedom to organize my work as I see fit and to have an advanced overview in how our more autonomous partners work. 

How does the work differ between Wholesale and Partner? The needs are different between a Wholesale partner and a Partner under Soluno’s brand. In my previous role as Partner Manager, it was for example more end customer contact, now I am called in to the bigger. cases. A Wholesale partner is more self-sufficient and the questions are more advanced, while the processes are also longer. For example, I work more with yearly goals now than monthly or quarterly. 

How is it to change department within Soluno? I have done it a few times, from direct sales to partner, and then to Wholesale. It’s definitely a readjustment and thus an acclimation period. As a person, I am curious and I enjoy learning new things, which has really helped in department change. You need to be humble and ask for help when needed, until you can stand on your own two feet.   

What is the craziest thing you have experienced at Soluno? The craziest thing must be the pandemic, to suddenly not being able to be in office or meet colleagues or partners in almost a year has been a really crazy feeling. On a positive note, I have to pick one of the trips we’ve made with the company, maybe the London trip with the sales team in 2017 when we among others saw Arsenal-Manchester United in Emirates Arena.

What do you look forward to this fall? To return to some type of normal in society again. Everything that is happening in the company is of course also very exciting and something I look forward to. On a personal level, I look forward to a basketball season that might be a little longer than the 4 games we got to play last years. 

What motivates you most at work? I am motivated by relationships, building new ones and maintaining those that are already in place. It may be internally, with our partners or end customers – to meet people, listed in and learn something new is a driving force for me. All to make sure that our customers are as satisfied as possible with us. 

Who is your favourite colleage? There are so many to choose from… But if I had to choose: In the Gothernburg office – John Ohlsson, a wonderful colleague with his heart in the right place. In the Wholesale group – Olle Rubarth, we bounce ideas and he’s my closest colleague, and boss. 



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