A Service Manager becomes more like a colleague than a supplier

People often talk about the importance of good customer relationships, but what is a good customer relationship, really?

The concept of customer relationship, obviously consists of many different components, but basically it is about service companies offering the right kind of services together with the right conditions to their customers.

When our customers have the right telephony solution in place, and the right knowledge of how to use it in the best way, that in turn leads to the customers being able to carry out their work towards their own customers in a well-thought-out and flexible way. In addition, it can also help to streamline internal work.

In order for this to happen, it is important that you as a supplier understand what it is the specific customer wants, and that you are sensitive to their unique needs. If you succeed with this equation, you will ultimately achieve the second magic concept, namely customer satisfaction.

The personal contacteverything

My name is Kristian Ek and I work as a Service Manager at Soluno. What has always permeated my professional life is the striving to achieve a good relationship with the customers and ensure that their solution is tailored specifically for them. My goal is for us to have the most satisfied customers in the industry and it is my firm belief that this is achieved through personal contacts. Therefore, in my role, I put a lot of commitment and I am sensitive to what you as customers want to achieve and what changes you want to implement so that you can focus on what you know best. With a Service Manager, you get a dedicated person who is fully acquainted with what your solution looks like while he or she also handles training, management and development of your service.

”My goal is for us to have the most satisfied customers in the industry.”

It is, in other words, my responsibility that our customers get what they demand and also to be able to suggest improvements, based on their needs. I’ll know what the customer needs before they know it.

A part of the bigger picture

Can a single person make such a big difference? Both yes and no. Behind this committed person is a stable organization that has the same goals as me and that can support me and help me be the spider in the web that makes things happen, both internally and externally. The Service Manager then becomes more like a colleague than a supplier – that is what makes the difference!

Do you want to know more about what our Service Manager can do for your particular company? Do not hesitate to contact us at  servicemanager@dstny.se.

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