SMS from MSB and Fohm regarding information about Covid-19

Last week, Fohm and MSB announced that they would send an SMS to all of Sweden’s 22 million subscribers regarding the Covid restrictions. The country’s telecom operators have participated in the effort.

However, the authorities together with the network owners have decided that Service Providers, such as us at Soluno, should not be included in these mailings due to GDPR, where mobile number is a personal data.

The authorities have not contacted us regarding further handling of the issue. We follow the case and the authorities’ directives on an ongoing basis, and take action if anything should change.

The text message went out on the 14th of December and the text of the message reads as follows:

“Information from the authorities: Follow the new stricter guidelines to stop the spread of covid-19. Read more on the  website Krisinformation. ”

The sender of the message is: Fohm, MSB

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