SolunoBC first with new smart MiTeam

SolunoBC is going to commence an upgrade on 1 June involving several new functions and a better experience in the softphone interface and in the users’ smartphone applications. SolunoBC will thus become first in the Swedish market to offer all customers the MiTeam service in Mitel’s platform.

Soluno MiTeam is now launching a simple version based on the complete tool. Selected functions for the initial launch are group chat, document sharing and to do lists. Other services to follow are currently provided with limited capacity and without support. The chat function can be used one-to-one, so-called direct chat, or in group function with several participants who can be added during an on-going session. The function has the same applications regardless of interface (softphone and APP).

The online chat has built-in history, which means that chats are logged for about one month. If the person searched is not available when a message is sent, the person is reached when they next log in. Messages can be pushed to the person concerned on their mobile. Regardless of whether two or several persons are participating in the chat, documents can be shared, which, for example, can be used in presentations (not to be associated with screen sharing). Naturally, document sharing can be used in combination with other functions such as telephone meetings (planned or scheduled) which are already available in the solution.

Soluno will be developing and packaging the MiTeam function during the year through adding further services. Pricing will also be adapted for simpler, or alternatively more advanced, versions including video chat and screen sharing. SolunoBC will also be upgrading the system with the focus on additional reliability and security.

The upgrades include some new features and improvements which the user will notice immediately in the form of Group log (call history for group), several options for staff and group voice mail and support for Microsoft Exchange 2016.

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