SolusBC and Uno Telefoni become SolunoBC

Just under two months ago, SolusBC and Uno Telefoni (Uno) merged to form the single largest and most expansive operator-independent supplier of cloud switchboards and coordinated communication services in the Nordic market. The companies have now also agreed on a new name.

“The name is SolunoBC, a good combination of the original companies. It thus gives us a natural connection with the previous history and a recognition of our existing customers”, says Joachim Brandt, PR and Information Manager at SolunoBC. With one company and a joint platform, SolunoBC will be given the best possible conditions for continued expansion in Sweden and, not least, internationally.

“We have created the industry’s best conditions for domestic and international expansion as an operator-independent supplier of cloud switchboards. We will occupy the position as the leading system integrator in the cloud and create the best experience for customers, partners and operators”, says Mattias Ohde, CEO of SolunoBC.

What were previously two companies have thus agreed on a joint name for the new company. It is a nice combination of SolusBC and Uno telephony. “We have discussed it forward and back, but arrived at the conclusion that SolunoBC is absolutely the best. It is a name that is easy to remember, has a connection to both our previous companies and it will work internationally and in our ambitions to develop related services and software”, Joachim Brandt says, continuing: “We will start using SolunoBC from now, but it is a process that will proceed during the year.

The company will therefore continue to use both Uno and Solus as brand in some contexts.” SolunoBC is expected to turn over about SEK 200 million in the Swedish market during 2017, with the number of employees now amounting to 55 located in the offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

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