What is UCaas?

Professionals need efficient tools for internal and external communication to retain good customer relations. The question is how this can be done when there are countless different methods as well as fragmented platforms. the answer is UCaaS, and another abbreviation might seem take in from the telecom jungle, but don’t worry, our motto is to simply keep it simple. UCaaS is short for ”United Communications as a service” which means that all communication methods, whether it be e-mail, sms, calls or video conference; are collected in one place – the cloud – and sold as a service by a supplier.

UCaaS is therefore a collective term for the collected communication by integrating different communication services in purpose of saving time by communicating in an efficient way. This may include services such as VoIP, video conference, collaboration tools, file-sharing, IM and many more. In simple form it may be integration of these different channels, but it may also include integration of comapanies’ different technical platforms such as Outlook or Slack. The goal is simply to create flexibility and availability by moving focus form the traditional forms of communication. The supplier thereafter packs and implements the infrastructure for you and manages maintenance. This makes it efficient and cheaper that the traditional methods due to the fact that no expensive IT-team needs to be implemented and instructed. As it also includes a user-friendly interface, no previous knowledge or experience is required. Some suppliers even have the possibility to deliver support solutions such as contact-center, interactive voice response and CRM tools. The exact tools included vary from different organizations and their needs.

Vad vet vi än så länge?

  1. UCaaS is collected communication applications delivered by a cloud-supplier.
  2. Collected communication tools result in a single user-friendly interface. This includes sending and receiving messages in different formats (voice, sms, IM, e-mail) through an application that works on different platforms; computer, tablet or cellphone.

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