What should you do with an old phone?

If you’re currently reading this on a new phone, it’s very likely that you still have the old one at home. A whooping 10 million old phones can still be found in nordic homes and many of these are fully functioning while the rest of them could be used for many other purposes. A whole 90% of old phones can be recycled so don’t just throw your old phone in the trash, give it new life. Before considering selling or recycling your phone, make sure you have iCloud activated and back up your cellphone, so you won’t lose anything important or to simply ease your mind. After that you should delete your personal information just to be certain that no one else has access to anything sensitive. After completing these 2 steps you’re ready to bring it back to life and this can be done in 2 easy ways; selling or recycling.

If it’s still working, you can easily sell it through a website that’ll help you evaluate what it’ll cost and also help you find a new owner. If there aren’t any takers due to damage or similar, you can recycle it. Cellphones contain a range of valuable materials and parts including silver that can be retracted and reused as well as battery connectors to name a few. These parts can be used to either make new fancy phones or be used in other appliances like a new coffee-machine.

While recycling might seem obvious to some, to most it seems too much of a hassle. Therefore, we’ve made a short list with a few reasons to recycle your old phone that’ll hopefully convince you;

  • Help create a sustainable environment
  • You can earn some extra bucks
  • Your phone could be useful to someone else

Sustainable environment

If you want to help prevent damage to nature and the environment, recycling is a great option. While cellphone production is ranked fairly high in sustainability, leaving your phone to simply decay on its own could be harmful to the environment due to toxic materials leaking. Every year 4 million cellphones are sold in Sweden even though 97% of the population already own a phone. This makes Swedes some of the best in acquiring the latest model. While many give their phones away or sell them, most of us still have one or 2 just lying around in your drawer. According to Swedish law, producers are accountable for cellphone recycling; that it’s done in a correct manner and managed by El-Kretsen. Also, nowadays most phone operators regularly offer their customer a discount when turning in your old phone and buying a new phone, leading us to the next point.

Make some money

The pressure to keep up with the latest and best technology leaves most people with fully functioning phones just lying around. If it’s still working, sell it! Is the screen cracked? Don’t worry, it can often be refurbished or stripped of valuable parts. While you probably won’t get enough for the latest iPhone X, it will definitely help pay for it. There are a few different options of doing this; finding your own buyer, selling through a company that actually works to sell old iPhones or turn it in when buying a new phone. Most phone companies today offer you the ability to trade in your old phone and get a discount on a new one, this can be done with fairly new as well as broken ones, and you know you’re putting in the payment for something that you’re actually interested in. Either way you go about it, you can earn some extra money, and you might even have 2 in your home that you can turn in.

Help a fella out

While tech-savvy Swedes may think the latest phone is a given, to most it’s not. Even though the world is becoming increasingly more technically advanced, globalization isn’t always necessarily inclusive, at least with the latest model. For example; approximately 2 percent of African households have landlines, but the number of cellphones is as roughly as common as they are in the states with about 90% owning a cellphone in some parts of Africa. It should however be noted that this usually includes basic feature phones. Every item stripped when recycling and every refurbished phone can be used to make technology more accessible to those who lack it and can’t afford the latest model. In essence, this means you can earn some money while helping someone else out, what’s not to love?

Recycle with Soluno

Maybe you’ve bought hardware or products from us or checked out our web-shop, but did you know that we also offer to recycle your old hardware? In the web-shop you can get a plastic bag to fill your old hardware with, worth mentioning is that you may only fill one bag with one piece of hardware and enter it’s serial number. After that you send it to the given adress and they’ll take care of it. After shipping, the unit is unpacked, information is deleted and thereafter it’s recycled in best possible way for the environment. The service is free of charge and you also receive a discount on a new cellphone when turning in your old one. We inherently recognize our critical role to help create a sustainable environment when offering products that could be left out in landfills. Therefore, we continuously strive to be up to date with an environmentally friendly approach and offer our customers the ability to recycle. Again, don’t just leave it around to collect dust, recycle and give it new life!

Before you recycle your phone

If you for example have an iPhone you want to recycle, you’ll probably want to erase it before sending it away. Also, if you have an Apple Watch or wireless headset you want to unpair these. In addition, it’s important to backup all your data before letting go, either in the cloud or by transfering it to your new phone. All of this to make sure you’re not loosing anything but your old dusty phone.

To erase your phone you need to follow these steps;

  1. When you’ve saved all your data, you’re ready to erase your iPhone. Go to settings.
  2. Click General 
  3. Click erase
  4.  Click erase all content and settings
  5. If you have Find my iPhone active, you might have to enter your Apple ID and password.
  6. At the last step you will have to enter your passcode, and then click erase iPhone.

Where do I go?

Below we’ve listed a few options of where you can sell or recycle your phone. EcoATM has easy-to-use, convenient, and eco-friendly kiosk that rewards you for recycling old devices. Usell is a website used to sell your broken or new phone; just select your device and recieve best offers from buyers, thereafter you’ll get an offer and shipping kit without extra cost and your payment will be received within 5 days. Lastly, you can trade in a phone that works through Apples own trade in service and receive an apple gift card to buy a new device.

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