Verification with Mobile Bank ID

Ensure that callers really are who they claim to be, for safe handling of information and orders.
Easy verification of customers' identity

Easy verification of customers' identity

Do you have customers who call in and want to make orders or want to support errands over the phone? With Mobile Bank Identification, your business can easily verify customers’ identity directly over a phone or a computer.

This way you can ensure that the customer is really the authorized client he or she claims to be.

This is how it works

The customer will call regarding an errand. To verify the costumer, the agent requests the customer’s social security number, which is then entered into the interface of Mobile Bank Identification. Then, the customer is asked to verify against you with his Mobile Bank ID. A confirmation will then be sent to the agent that the costumer has been verified. The handling is fast and smooth and the customer can then be treated in a secure manner.

A safe experience for the customer

A safe experience for the customer

In addition of providing a quick response, it also provides a safe experience for the customer. Mobile Bank Verification gives a clear signal that you take your security practices in the utmost seriousness.

GDPR - a saver for many companies

GDPR is something everyone is talking about these days, both big companies and small. This service helps many companies in their GDPR work, as it contributes to safe handling when a customer, for example, wants to receive sensitive information over the phone.

Examples of when the service can be used

Examples of when the service can be used

– When customer wants to make a order by phone.
– When the customer wants to get a new password or help with a login.
– When customer wants to manage user accounts.
– When customer wants to extract sensitive information.

Can you help me change data on a user?

Once a customer is verified, you as a company can help it directly. Thus, for example, the customer can handle user settings and make orders, directly over the phone.
Security for your company

Security for your company

You know that the customer really is the one he or she claims to be.

Security for the customer

The customer knows that you handle their information with a high level of security.

Efficient service

A verified customer can be helped directly, without any extra routines.

Frequently asked questions about Verification Mobile BankID

How are the logs saved from all authentication?

The logs from Verification Mobile BankID are saved under your login in the web interface. You can therefore go back and see what verifications you have done.

How long does it take to activate the service?

An order must be made to enable an account for your company. It may take a few business days before the order has been reviewed but once the account is in place, you can immediately start using the service.

Do we need to install any software?

The Service Verification Mobilt Bank ID is completely web-based. This means that you do not need to install any software to use the service. As soon as your login is complete, everything is ready for use.

How many authentications are included per month?

Our basic package includes 3000 authentications per month. In other words, there are so many verifications you can do per month. Should you need to make more authentications, we can help you arrange that.

How many employees can be authorized to use the service?

The standard package includes 3 authorized users. Of course, it is possible to buy to more users if needed.

Latest update June 2021

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