Dstny's Sustainability - The future begins now

Dstny’s motto is “Driving the future of business communication”. An important part of that sentence is the word future. A future that we believe will be so much better if we all take our responsibility.

The future begins now

The future begins now

It is not a distant philosophical thing that will happen in ten years. The future is always what happens in the next second, the next minute, the next day, the next year. Time goes by and all of a sudden, we are in a new future. And what we do now will have enormous effects on what happens next. Both when it comes to the environment and social aspects. If we take hold of the future now, the future will be easier later. At Dstny, we understand the importance of companies caring for the future of our employees, the environment and our society. It is us, entrepreneurs, who can make a really big difference, in the end. If we make the right choice, it will spill over to our customers, suppliers and investors. We must make a difference – for the future begins now.

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

You may have heard of CSR before? CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and is about us entrepreneurs being responsible for how we affect society. How we affect social perspectives, the environment and our economy. It’s all about sustainability and that companies should contribute to a sustainable society. Of course, we at Dstny want to be part of this important journey and have taken a big step around our own CSR work.

The global goals

The global goals

Leaders around the world have set 17 global goals. Officially, these are referred to as SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). By striving towards these goals, we can together fight poverty and injustice and raise the climate issue. With these goals in mind, we entrepreneurs, organizations, communities and individuals can jointly create a better future.

Read more about the global goals here:

Global Goals

Nobody can do everything but everyone can do something

Trying to change the world alone is far too big a task. But we can all do something. And we believe that we can have a greater effect by focusing our efforts. Therefore, we chose to concentrate on 3 of the 17 main goals.

Affordable and clean energy

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Reduce inequalities

Affordable and clean energy - reduce our CO2 footprint

Affordable and clean energy - reduce our CO2 footprint

Goal 7.2 Increase global percentage of renewable energy

One of the things we chose to focus on is to reduce our CO2 footprint. We want to achieve this by, for example, controlling how we travel and through effective hosting solutions.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure - reduce waste

Industry, innovation and infrastructure - reduce waste

Goal 9.4 Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability

Upgrade infrastructure and adapt industries to make them sustainable. Increase the efficiency of resource use and greater use of clean and environmentally friendly technology and industrial processes. We do this, among other things, by minimizing paper handling in our processes and working to reduce the use of physical SIM cards.

Reducing inequalities - Equal opportunities for all

Reducing inequalities - Equal opportunities for all

Goal 10.3 Ensure equal opportunities and put an end to discrimination

Ensure equal opportunities and reduce unequal outcomes in various contexts, including by eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies and measures in this regard. At Dstny, we work especially with ensuring gender-neutral recruitment processes and to actively work with skills development to enable career paths based on drive and ambition regardless of previous background.

The technology cycle

The technology cycle

There is a wear-and-tear mentality when it comes to technology, not least when it comes to mobile phones. A mentality that is consuming the earth’s resources. As part of Dstny’s CSR work, we have taken steps to minimize wastage and the negative environmental impact that hardware can cause. By offering a service, where we not only benefit recycling, but also reuse of mobile phones, we can both provide our customers with affordable and secure hardware management while benefiting the environment. Recycling in all its glory, but reuse is slightly better, and through the process we provide our customers, 98% of hardware, which would otherwise have ended up in a drawer or in the recycling, could instead go to a new user. All in order to provide our customers with a more sustainable solution.

Dstny's Charity Work

Dstny has an active sponsorship strategy that harmonizes with our sustainability goals. In order to continuously engage our staff, specific purposes for which we donate money are nominated and selected every quarter. In this way, we can make specific efforts where we think it is most needed right now, at the same time as we involve staff in our CSR work.

Q4 2020

Karolinska Institutet

Covid -19 has affected our world and the solution to this enormous challenge is spelled research. Innovation and technological progress are the key to finding sustainable solutions and Karolinska Institutet is prominent in research and a driving force in finding treatments for covid-19 in both the short and long term. An investment in research is an investment in creating the conditions for sustainable development for the world, and covid-19 is currently at the top of the agenda. Dstny therefore chooses to donate money to Karolinska Institutet to support this - for the world - extremely important research.

Q1 2021

MIND - for physical health

According to studies that examined how the covid-19 pandemic in general affects mental illness, results show that mental disorders have increased to a large extent. The United Nations also emphasizes the importance of reducing the negative effects that covid-19 is likely to have, and wants to see proactive public and public health work to promote the mental health of the population. Mind is a non-profit organization that works for mental health and is only funded by donations and private grants. Throughout their history, they have commented on psychiatry and mental health in society. The association has repeatedly emphasized that mental health care / psychiatry should be developed to the same standard as the country's other health care.

Q2 2021


There is some exclusion in Sweden where fun summer activities, or even a bed to sleep in, are not things to take for granted. The National Board of Health and Welfare's latest report showed that 33,000 people in Sweden are homeless. According to Rädda Barnen, 168,000 children live in poverty, which corresponds to 9% of Sweden's children. Dstny therefore wants to contribute to a more equal summer for children and families living in vulnerability. Stadsmissionens work promotes equality and during the summer they invest in giving Sweden's children a summer holiday worth the name. Life is not just about surviving, thanks to the City Mission's work, more families can have something to look forward to during the summer.

Q3 2021


Vi-skogens work with tree planting reduces the pressure on the natural forests. Instead of cutting down the natural forest and thus contributing to harming biodiversity, farmers can grow trees on their farms. Vi-skogens work with tree planting reduces the pressure on the natural forests. Instead of cutting down the natural forest and thus contributing to harming biodiversity, farmers can grow trees on their farms. Farmers do not just get wood out of their trees, during the years that the trees grow on the farm, the leaves can be used as feed for the animals, the trees provide shade, wind protection and much more. Dstny has made a donation to plant 400 trees in East of Africa.

Other donations made

  • Q1 – Save the children
  • Q2 – Poverty Fund
  • Q3– Rare Diseases Fund – for rare diseases research and awareness.
  • Q3 – Justdiggit – Cooling down the planet by planting trees in Africa

Our Culture

A corporate culture also needs to be sustainable. A sustainable culture leads to employees thriving, developing and driving the company in the right direction; for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Our corporate culture is based on openness, unpretentiousness and creativity. We value personal development highly, and we give our employees the opportunity to shape their own role and work situation. In addition to having fun together during working hours, we make sure to get out on joint activities and thus grow together. We are proud of our corporate culture and strive to make it even better!

Dstny's passion and attitudes

Driving the Future of Business Communication is Dstny’s passion and through our common attitudes we want to be the leading player in our industry in the market. Our passions rest on four pillars. Since we are an international group since 2018, we have introduced more and more English in our communication. In 2020, we updated our attitudes again to suit our present more. Our passions and attitudes are therefore formulated as below.

We care about our customers

We care about our customers

Without its customers, a company is nothing. It is part of our daily work to familiarize ourselves with our customers’ problems and needs. Exceptional customer service and good customer relations must be something that permeates all projects and tasks. To get continuous information about what our customers think about our performance, we send out NPS surveys. That way we can get data driven information about what we do well and if there is something we need to focus a little extra on.

We care just as much about our colleagues

We care just as much about our colleagues

For us, it means everything that our colleagues are thriving. That they feel they are getting the help and tools they need to succeed. That they feel that they have a sustainable workload and a good balance between work and leisure. That is why we send out employee surveys, a so-called motivation index, every year. Should any of the points we touch on in the survey stand out, we also do so-called pulse examinations to delve into that issue. The result from our motivation index can be anywhere between 1 and 10. Our ambition is to always be at 8 or higher.

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