Let’s talk curing period

It’s time to talk curing periods. If you buy a pair of shoes, and notice after a while that you’re not completely satisfied with them. Maybe they’re out of fashion, maybe they itch, or maybe they just aren’t up to par with the season. It wouldn’t be completely nuts to think that you should be able to change them – right?

That’s how it is with curing periods. Sometimes you feel stuck with a pair of shoes that just don’t fit.

It’s not uncommon that we encounter customers that feel ready to change PBX solution but are completely tied to agreements with other carriers and suppliers. There are countless reasons to want to change supplier. Sometimes you feel neglected as a customer, sometimes you lack the supplier’s crucial functions that you need. It also isn’t entirely uncommon that you grow out of your supplier.

Therefore, curing periods shouldn’t be a road bump for your company’s further development

Seems familiar?

At Soluno we’re flexible

We might not be acrobats, but when it comes to customers, we’re very flexible. Are you in need of the functionality that your supplier lacks? Then we can create an add-on with your existing carrier whereas you keep the carrier but receive all functionality with our services, such as; reference, line status and number presentation.

Does your company have a lot of different carriers but want to collect everything in the same place? For bigger companies we can help different carriers procure you as a customer.

Since we at Soluno are carrier independent we can help you, no matter what position your company is in today.

No curing period with Soluno

We believe in freedom when it comes to company telephony. You can close, adjust, and change subscription freely. As long as you uphold 70% of the monthly invoice, the decision is completely up to you. In that way it becomes increasingly more practical when someone leaves, goes on parental leave or if you for some reason don’t need your mobile subscription.

In telecom there are many different types of curing periods and the question is…
How tied are you to your current solution/carrier?


Frame agreement 24 months:

This isn’t a binding agreement, a frame agreement simply says what prices and terms that apply during a specific period, but it doesn’t force you to be customers. In the building trade, frame agreements are common in building warehouses which can provide you with certain discounts when shopping, but you can of course also go and buy everything in another warehouse, and you can have several frame agreements simultaneously.

Minimum fee 5000 kr per month:

This means that you’ve promised your carrier to capitalize a minimum amount every month. There’s no extra cost if you override the capital, but if you for example have 5000 kr in minimum fee, and only called for 4000 kr, you get an invoice of 5000 kr anyway and get 1000 kr as an extra cost. The higher the minimum fee is, the lower price you usually get. When looking at your curing periods you need to be aware of this, since it’s an effective curing period that needs to be taken into account in a final invoice.

Bound subscription 24 months:

Every individual mobile subscription always has a curing period of roughly 0, 12, 24 or 36 months. Per usual, these curing periods sprawl out within the company and if you want to calculate a final invoice you need to take all remaining months x monthly fees. Additional fees can often be terminated which means that you have another 3 months if you don’t succeed to synchronize the termination with the normal curing period.

Increased monthly fees:

Every subscription can in addition have an increased monthly fee if you have a phone on installment or used it to get balance when signing the subscription. This is also a cost that will be taken into account when choosing to terminate a subscription before time. The fee x remaining bound months will be invoiced.

Want to talk more about curing periods with one of our experienced advisors? You’re more than welcome to contact us on +4610 – 410 50 00 or fill in the form on our contact page and we will call you.


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