The development of remote work in Germany – Covid-19

The Corona (Covid-19) situation causes a lot of enterprising people to put the company’s creativity to the test. And with the imminent threat abrewing, some employers have made the decision to allow some or all employees to work from home as they seek to prevent further spreading the virus. Whilst years ago this tended to have detrimental effects on operations, with modern cloud technology, remote work can be a complete smooth transition.

We inherently recognize the fact that some occupations require you to be present at work. But for those who can stay at home and do, we can increasingly help reduce spreading the virus further. And coupled with a cloud solution that allows remote work and collaboration from home, your operations and effectivity don’t have to be on the loosing end.

Cloud solutions

During this situation, different types of cloud solutions have emerged in Germany as a vital asset in order to companies to function amidst the pandemic. And as more employees are encouraged to work from home, it’s crucial to adopt and invest in functioning tools that allow remote workers to take their work to where needed.

In addition, when implementing a working from home strategy, one of the challenges many German companies face is how they heavily rely on traditional call management systems which require installations and hardware. If your business operates on a traditional PBX model, it requires one to always be at the office which in essence doesn’t allow you to completely work from home. This coupled with the restrictions permitted in Germany amidst the virus has led to many companies having to look for other options.

One way around this is investing in a cloud phone system that makes it easy to manage all your business calls in the cloud which also empowers your staff to attend business calls remotely. It’s also easy to switch to the cloud and start routing all your calls to the new system to enable your sales and support team to easily manage their calls from home. And besides empowering your team to work remotely with the right tools, there are many benefits that come with including; easy migration, cost-efficient model, scalability, and of course, mobility.

Remote work in Germany

In Germany the Corona Virus has led to several drastic measures to reduce spreading the virus. New York Times writes that Berlin on Sunday barred groups of more than two people from gathering at the same time except for families. In addition, this coupled with other measures, has led to some and if not all, employees currently working from home. One can hope and predict that this will increasingly move businesses to the cloud to continue operations remotely. This is primarily due to high flexibility in the cloud, as in being able to operate anywhere and adjust services according to needs. This means that we would be able to still operate while simultaneously preparing us for similar situations in the future that would require a smooth transition to remote offices.

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