CPaaS vs UCaaS – Streamlined communication with the right tool

So, you need to communicate with your colleagues and customers, but how do you choose a communication tool that suits your company? Communicating internally and externally is essential in any company, but how you go about it tends to vary depending your business and current needs. IP based landline telephony used to be the go-to option for most companies, but it also requires some type of IT-staff to make sure it’s installed and maintained. Apart from labour heavy work, it also usually comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

As more companies make the migration form on-prem systems to the cloud, UCaaS and CPaaS have emerged as great alternatives to on-premise systems. Whereas UCaaS provide organizations with a comprehensive cloud communications suite that unifies everything from chat, voice and texting – all in one interface. On the other hand, CPaaS is a customizeable platform that allows companies to build and add new functionality. While they’re different, they booth seek to help companies streamline communication with a flexible and modern cloud-based solution. Not only is this great in a time where more companies operate internationally. But given the current circumstances, even more companies would likely rather focus on a system that is flexible than hiring an IT guy to install and manage a new system in the office.

So now that we’ve established the fact that both are great alternatives, how do you know what suits your company best? When it comes to providers, there are plenty of great options today so what you may want to look for are 3 primary features that ensure you choose what’s best for you.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Cost
  3. Added services and integrations

Flexible communication

While both options provide flexibility, UCaaS and CPaaS differ in the way they provide these communication services and how organizations implement the functionalities. Both offer a host of capabilities that organizations would find challenging to access otherwise. CPaaS is arguably more flexible in the features that it can include, but both solutions offer integrations with UC apps, chatbots, and more. However, CPaaS still requires an active IT team to set up while UCaaS is a service that is essentially finished and ready to go. So if you just want to get to communicating with your colleagues, you might want to opt for UCaaS. Bu if your company is looking to meet unique business and security needs, CPaaS is the option for you.

Cost efficient communication

Cloud communication tools emerged as cost efficient alternatives to the previous on-prem systems that not only were pricey but required extensive work to install and maintain. Both CPaaS and UCaaS are supplied by providers, which allows companies to only have to pay a subscription fee. Both are essentially cost-efficient solutions, but given that UCaaS is ready to go, what will cost you more is time from your developers if you’re looking for a completely customizeable CPaaS solution.

Added services and integrations to fortify communication

The difference between UCaaS and CPaaS used to be distinct but during recent years the lines have been pretty blurred. This is due to the fact that UCaaS providers have begun adding features as well as integrations to their repertoire. Integrations give UCaaS users much more flexibility than the regular voice and chat, but if you’re looking for completely customized communication, CPaas is your realm. You can also integrate with existing business apps which means that you can add your current applications or the communication platform instead of switching between applications.

How about both?

UCaaS and CPaaS, are both highly valuable to communication tools to businesses. With CPaaS, companies can grow and expand faster by employing tools like artificial intelligence, video conferencing, and instant messaging, without complicated back-end.  UCaaS on the other hand is excellent for simplifying internal communications and streamlining management strategies. For the communication landscape where both retain great value, it’s less productive for companies to have to pick one service or the other. It’s also actually possible to have both. You can have a CPaaS strategy that operates with your UCaaS environment and vice-versa. As per usual, the key is finding the right vendor.

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Soluno as a UCaaS and CPaaS supplier

We operate as a UCaaS and CPaaS supplier that focus on corporate customers. We’re able to provide customers with a ready to go holistic solution, while also being able to supply communication platform that rooms all your preferred applications. In addition, we’re also able to create customized solutions that meet specific needs. But was mentioned above, why choose? We’re able to offer a platform that not only rooms your daily communication needs but can include our UCaaS services as well as up and coming applications and integrations. We also strive to meet your current customization needs and will gladly help you out to create a unique solution for you company.

If you’re interested to learn more about what we do and how we can help you, contact us by clicking the button below.

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