Virtual Phone Q

Virtual Phone Q gives your customers the choice to allow a bot to hold their place in the phone queue and instead get a callback at a predetermined time.

Alleviate support or reception

Virtual Phone Q gives your customers better phone service while alleviating your support or reception when there is a high number of incoming calls. Due to the fact that the caller is able to leave their phone number, the caller will not be stuck in a telephone queue until one of your agents are available. Your agents also get a calmer work environment as Virtual Phone Q minimize calling phones in the background.

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Automatically or manually

Automatically or manually

Choose between a manual or automatic callback. In the case of automatic callback, the system will first call the agent and then the customer. If you choose manual handling instead, the agent will enter the system and call the customer through the interface. You can also choose to use a combination of the two if needed.

The customer can choose the callback time

After the customer has left his phone number, a time is read when the call is scheduled. The time is based on the number of agents you have available and how many calls you have in queue. Should the specified time not suit the customer, it is possible to postpone the callback. Then Virtual Phone Q will suggest the next available time according to an interval you selected, for example five or ten minutes later. The customer can then continue to deny times until the proposed time fits.

In case of a missed callback

In case of a missed callback

Sometimes it happens that the customer, even though the time has been specified, misses the callback. Then there are different functions depending on whether you have selected manual or automatic callback. If the call is made automatically, the system tries to dial up to ten consecutive times at a predetermined interval. If the connection has not yet been linked, it is then removed by the system. However, if you have a manual callback via the web interface, the case will never be removed automatically, but this must be done by an agent.

Easy to use

Virtual Phone Q has a user-friendly and logical interface that you can find on a webpage where agents can handle and comment on cases. There they can also create cases and callbacks if needed. The agent is notified when a new callback has been booked. You can also receive notifications via email if desired.

Integrated with CRM system

Integrated with CRM system

The service is integrated with the most common CRM systems (Upsales, Salesforce, Lime, Zendesk, Freshdesk and Hubspot), which allows you to get more information when a current customer call. For those who do not have an integrated CRM system, the service can also display information from This allows an agent to choose matters that suit his or her knowledge best.

Plan staffing

Plan staffing

The service also supports staffing planning. You can easily specify exactly which opening hours apply, how many agents will be available during which times and how long time intervals you want during different times of the day. If you know, for example, that there is a lot of calls in the morning, you may set aside more agents to handle the call back while setting a longer interval between the selectable times that can be chosen for callbacks.

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

Without Vitual Phone Q, the customer has two options, either wait in the phone queue until you have any available agent or hang up and try to call back later. None of these options give your customers a particularly good service. In a business climate where competition is growing sharply within, in principle, all industries, it is important to stand out. It is therefore more common for companies to choose to invest more in their business telephony as a competitive advantage.

Virtual Phone Q is a virtual queue system where the customer’s queue is held by a bot. This leaves your customers free to do anything while waiting to get in touch with your company, which in the long run leads to satisfied customers.

45 minutes of generic jazz music is rarely good for the customer experience.

Let your customers do something else while they're waiting to get in touch with your business. It relieves your support while getting satisfied customers.

Alleviate support

Efficient customer management

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers

Frequently asked questions about Virtual Phone Q

What happens if the customer misses their callback?

If you have chosen manual callback, the agents can choose if they will try to dial later or if they want to remove the case. In automatic callbacks, the system can be set to make up to 10 redials at a certain interval. Then the case is automatically removed by the system.

How is the callback time calculated?

The time for the callback is calculated based on three factors; how many agents you have active in the system, average time for a call, and how many calls are in the queue.

Does the service work with other Callback features?

Yes, Virtual Phone Q can be integrated with our Web Callback service if you wish to have an supplementary entry to the queue system in addition to the phone.

Read more about Webb Callback here:

Can you integrate Virtual Phone Q with a CRM system?

The service is integrated with several popular CRM systems. This means that the service can make a search on the customer to give the agent as much information as possible before the connection is made. In this way, the agent can also choose the cases by field of knowledge.

Can you have multiple languages installed in Virtual Phone Q?

Yes, we can help you activate Virtual Phone Q in more languages as long as we have a recorded voice for the instructional message.

Latest update June 2021